Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Day at the Circus Journal book

Graphics 45 paper and Michael's dollar goodies make a nice mix.
Thought you might like to see a few pics of a new book that I just completed for a young friend of mine. I wanted this to be a very inter-active journal for her to document her first trip to the circus. Lots of flaps, pockets, and space for pics, memento's and writing spaces.
A repurposed encyclopedia makes great covers, binder rings tied with loads of ribbons make it fun.
I re-purposed a vintage encyclopedia for the covers. Man, those covers soaked up Gesso faster than a college kid at a frat party. And while I had hoped for a red/white striped cover, I was not disappointed with the red/pink "happy accident" that resulted.  
Loads of interactive pages, here the transparency flips to either side. 
Inside, I literally used everything but the kitchen sink. I had hit the Michael's dollar area several months back and there were lots of great things, like this letter C, which was actually a luggage tag. It made a nice visual point on the page. And "C" is for Circus.
The mask was another great Michael's dollar find.  Fun journaling space on the back. 
The clown face was actually a mask from the Michael's dollar spot too. I also cut up some note cards and used the tops for flaps and journaling cards. They all mixed in nicely with the Graphics 45 paper.  I wanted loads of layers with the pages. 
Lots of doodling, pockets, and flip pages make it fun, and personal for my young friend. 
Taking my inspiration from Hope at Besottment, I added LOTS of journaling and doodles. I wanted this book to have a very personal feel as well. Sorta like a Smash book. And I was happy with the results, as was Miss Avery. So much so, that I'm working on another book for my young diva friend, and I hope to show you those results soon. I'm thinking of possibly creating a class for this type of book. Not the circus theme, but more of a general theme. What do you think? -c


Sherri said...

so beautiful! and the pictures cannot even come close to capturing the full beauty of it.

Mirevan said...

I love graphic 45 papers and your interpretation is gorgeous !
Mirevan from Chambéry

Suzie Button said...

What a lucky little girl to have such a unique and beautiful book!! I think it would be a fabulous class! Gorgeous!!! Susan

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Fab stuff, C!! You will surely inspire another young crafter!

Charlene said...

GREAT BOOK!!! Your young friend is a lucky girl. See you soon! Charlene

the gypsy magpie said...

OK, I'm cracking up looking at your book because... I, too, bought all that circus-themed stuff from Michael's this summer to go with the Graphic45 paper! At least yours isn't still stuffed in the bag you brought home from the store that day. Not that mine is. yeah, OK it is. But I plan to make something cool one of these days- and THIS project is pretty cool!

Cindy said...

Hey thanks y'all. My big head is swooning. LOL. And Terri, uhm, believe me...I have other "bags" of goods sitting around. LOL LOL LOL

Thanks again y'all for the sweet comments!


Keely Yowler said...

WOW! Love this, Cindy! SOOO gorgeous.

dee dee said...

Whoa. This is NEAT!!